Dive into the most mouth-watering lobster dishes of the year.

Lobster Lover’s Dream®

We roast a succulent rock lobster tail until tender, steam a sweet split Maine lobster tail to the perfect texture, and serve both with creamy lobster-and-shrimp linguini Alfredo. Let that all sink in, then choose a side.
1350 Cal

New! Dueling Lobster Tails™

Why have one Maine Lobster tail when you can have two? One is steamed in parchment with fresh lemon, herbs and tomatoes. And the other grilled then topped with shrimp, bay scallops and roasted bell peppers in a rich sherry lobster cream sauce. All served with a side of your choice.
760 Cal

New! Lobster Truffle Mac and Cheese

This is next-level mac and cheese. Maine and langostino lobster tossed with cavatappi pasta in a creamy truffle lobster cream, then topped with toasted Parmesan panko breadcrumbs.
1460 Cal

Lobsterfest® Surf and Turf

Land or sea? Make it land AND sea with a tender Maine lobster tail and a wood-grilled sirloin, topped with a beurre blanc langostino and Maine lobster sauce. Wait, it gets better. It’s served with mashed potatoes and your choice of side.
1360 Cal

NEW! Stuffed Tilapia with Langostino Lobster

We start with fresh tilapia. Then we roast it with our savory seafood stuffing, and top it all with langostino lobster in a creamy lobster beurre blanc. Choose two sides to complete your dish. 550 Cal

Ultimate Feast®

When we say “ultimate," we’re not kidding. Tender Maine lobster tail, steamed North American snow crab legs, our hand-crafted garlic shrimp scampi and Walt’s Favorite Shrimp. Served with our wild rice pilaf and an extra side of your choice. 
1190 Cal

Seaport Lobster and Shrimp

Nothing beats tried-and-true, wood-grilled Maine lobster tail, hand-crafted shrimp scampi, and a garlic-grilled shrimp skewer. So we make them perfectly every time, and you enjoy it all with rice pilaf and your choice of side. 760 Cal

Wood-Grilled Lobster, Shrimp, and Salmon

If you love grilled seafood, meet your new obsession. A Maine lobster tail, jumbo shrimp skewer and fresh Atlantic salmon, all wood-grilled and finished with brown butter. Served with rice and a choice of side. Simply prepared and so good.
940 Cal

Bar Harbor Bake

Named for the idyllic seaside town of Bar Harbor, Maine, where lobster bakes are a way of life. Split-roasted petite Maine lobster tails with shrimp, sea scallops, mussels, piled over a bed of linguini in a garlic and white wine broth.
1380 Cal


New! Lobster Truffle Mac and Cheese and Salad

This is next-level mac and cheese. Maine and langostino lobster tossed with cavatappi pasta in a creamy truffle lobster cream, then topped with toasted Parmesan panko breadcrumbs. Available Monday-Friday, 11am-3pm only.
870 Cal

Petite Red Lobster Roll and Fries

Petite Red Lobster Roll and Fries

Step up your lunch game with two sweet Maine lobster rolls. We take sweet Maine lobster meat, serve it in warm, toasty rolls and top it all with melted butter, plus a side of fries. Available Monday-Friday, 11am-3pm only.
970 Cal


½ Lobster and Langostino Pizza and Salad

Our signature thin crust pizza topped with tender chunks of Maine and langostino lobster. Available Monday-Friday, 11am-3pm only.
450 Cal


Seafood-Stuffed Mushrooms and Salad

Fresh mushrooms loaded with our signature seafood stuffing, smothered in Monterey Jack cheese and baked until bubbly. Available Monday-Friday, 11am-3pm only.
540 Cal


New! Roasted Green Beans with Mushrooms

We take our crisp green beans, roast them with sliced mushrooms, and then toss them in a nutty, sweet brown butter.
140 Cal

Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Honey-Roasted Pecans

We whip our sweet potatoes until they’re extra creamy, and then top them with honey-roasted pecans for extra texture. It’s called comfort food because that's what it's good for.
320 Cal

Tropical White Sangria

New! Tropical White Sangria

This is sangria gone wild! A delicious concoction of Barefoot Moscato, pineapple, and mango juices with a splash of Sprite® for a little fizz.
150 Cal


New! Lobster Lover’s Punch

A fruity punch that comes with a kick. A mix of Captain Morgan, Bacardi, and Malibu rum, shaken with berry and pineapple juice.
260 Cal


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