A diverse supply chain is the secret to
our success.

Since day one, Red Lobster has been committed to building long-term relationships with great suppliers.


A Commitment to Sustainability

We’re always looking for partners that responsibly source products while protecting the environment and nature’s supply of seafood. 

Industry-Leading Quality

When it comes to food quality and safety, we don't cut corners. That’s why we hold our suppliers to standards that meet or exceed regulatory requirements. 

A Passion for Doing What’s Right

Whether it’s nourishing a rich culture of diversity, prioritizing sustainability or helping others, we have a strong sense of ethics and we choose suppliers with the same values. 

Our Code of Conduct

The Red Lobster Code of Conduct clearly states our position on the importance of upholding human rights, social welfare and fair labor practices and our commitment to taking swift and appropriate action if this code is violated. We take seriously any allegations that our suppliers or business partners violated the law, compromised our standards or participated in social welfare abuses.

Contact Us

If you would like to become a supplier, contact us at
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