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Where do heroes go to celebrate? Red Lobster, of course!

Orlando, Fla. (December 21, 2006) — After saving his mom and siblings from a potential car crash, 9-year-old Jimmy Stevens told ABC’s Good Morning America exactly how he planned to commemorate the occasion: Eat at Red Lobster!

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Hero Jimmy Stevens brought his mom and dad along to his Red Lobster celebration!

Jimmy was recently riding in the family car with his mother and little brother and sister when his mom passed out behind the wheel from an apparent panic attack. Jimmy responded instantly. He climbed into his mother’s lap, pulled the car to the side of the road and shifted it into park — even though his feet barely reached the brakes! He then called 911, directed paramedics to the scene and kept his siblings calm until help arrived.

When the managers and crew in the Burleson, TX Red Lobster heard about Jimmy’s bravery and Good Morning America announcement, they sprang into action and treated him and his family to a wonderful seafood-filled meal fit for a hero. Earlier that day, the Cleburne, TX Police Department had honored Jimmy with a medal and certificate for his bravery. And Jimmy — sporting a Police Department hat — eagerly showed his honors to the Red Lobster crew before diving into his favorite Popcorn Shrimp and two desserts! Servers Jeremy Click and Shannon Ford made sure Jimmy and his family had a great time at Red Lobster.

James Stevens, Jimmy’s dad, said he was proud of his son’s bravery. “I am ecstatic," he told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper. “He’s always been an intelligent child. He has a cool head.” His mother echoed those sentiments. “I couldn't be prouder,” Latisha Stevens said.

“Jimmy is an exceptional hero — an inspiration to all of us,” said Red Lobster Dallas Division Operations Director Tom Hickman. “We were delighted to share in his celebration.”

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