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Chefs offer recipes, tips on cooking fresh fish

Orlando, Fla. (November 2, 2006) — To celebrate its expanded fresh fish program, Red Lobster is offering at-home cooks a new Red Lobster Virtual Fresh Fish Cookbook on The cookbook will be updated weekly with recipes and tips for cooking and entertaining using fresh fish.

“We’re delighted to share ideas for creating wonderful fresh fish dishes,” said Michael LaDuke, Executive Chef for Red Lobster.

Red Lobster announced that beginning October 31 it will offer guests an expanded fresh fish program featuring up to eight species of fresh fish flown in from around the world to restaurants across North America. The fish selection will change daily at every restaurant based on local customer preferences and availability. Guests can choose to have their fresh fish grilled and lightly seasoned, broiled and lightly seasoned, blackened with Cajun spices or grilled with a new sweet and spicy glaze. In addition, Red Lobster will offer innovative chef’s creations — such as Basil-Rubbed Fresh Fish with Langostino Lobster Alfredo — that each restaurant will prepare using locally popular fresh species, from grouper to Arctic char.

The new Virtual Cookbook will feature recipes of Red Lobster fresh fish dishes along with tips, including how to “spice up” your favorite fish with fresh herbs and ways to “Eye and Buy” the freshest fish at your market.

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Recent News