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From Sea To Table
We Bring the Sea To Your Table

If you want to experience the freshest, highest quality seafood from around the world, you can take to the seas – or just visit us at Red Lobster, where each day we bring some of the world’s best seafood fresh from the water to your table.

Whether it’s live lobster from the coast of New England, fresh salmon from Chile or one of the many wild-caught fresh fish from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, our extensive distribution network of air, sea and land shippers allows us to get fresh seafood to you so quickly that it’s almost like being there. In fact, we ship more fresh fish than just about anyone in the restaurant industry.

It’s a journey that begins the moment the fish comes out of the water. Once inspectors determine that it meets Red Lobster quality standards, the fish is packed on ice at an optimally cold temperature, but never frozen, to maintain quality and freshness. Then, it is rushed through our distribution system to your local Red Lobster, where it is expertly prepared just for you.

Check out our “Today’s Fresh Fish” menu and taste the freshness. Depending on your location and season, you’ll find irresistible choices like halibut from the Pacific, haddock from the North Atlantic, grouper from the Gulf of Mexico and walleye from the Great Lakes. Our ability to deliver such a great variety of seafood from so many places also comes with great responsibility to you and the sea.

To ensure quality, safety and enjoyment of all the fresh seafood we serve, we’ve created industry-leading standards that guide your seafood along every step of its journey, ensuring proper temperature and packing procedures as well as firm guidelines for dating and managing the inventory once it’s in the restaurant.

We are also very proud that the dedicated people who bring our fresh seafood to you are working hard to protect the seas for future generations. While we love serving a wide variety of seafood, there are some things you’ll never find when you visit us. We do not serve over-fished species such as Chilean sea bass. We participate in conservation efforts including a moratorium on the sale of grouper during late February and early March. And we never sell live lobsters that are larger than 4 pounds.

We do these things so that we can continue serving you the very freshest seafood the sea has to offer for generations to come. It is our pleasure to bring the sea to your table, and we invite you to. . .

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