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With over 350 Red Lobster seafood restaurants throughout the United States and Canada, we are the leading purveyor of quality lobster, fresh fish and seafood, hospitality and value.

Seafood restaurants with a legacy of greatness.

For over 30 years, Red Lobster seafood restaurants have been the place to find great food, over the top service, and an overall performance that has endured and prospered. In 1968 in Lakeland, Florida, Bill Darden and Joe Lee started the first of our seafood restaurants. The first Red Lobster was built on the simple premise of great service, tasty food and value pricing. By the 1970s the idea had taken off and they expanded throughout the Southeast, establishing the Red Lobster restaurants as the leader not only in chain seafood restaurants but in the broader scope of casual dining.

We are always cooking up something new without ever forgetting the classics that our customers crave. We offer a wide selection of tried and true lobster recipes, guaranteed to delight any seafood lover.

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Get expert advice on making your seafood meals even more delicious and nutritious

Tired of the same boring meat and potatoes dinner? You can create an amazing seafood meal that is not only tasty but also good for you. Tilapia is amazingly light and flavorful and the Omega 3 fatty acids in Salmon make it easy to stay healthy without sacrificing flavor. You can order fresh fish right here at our online market place and have it shipped to you the next day!

To help make your dinners amazing we have a great Chef's Kitchen and full of ideas for creating incredible meals, veggies and all! Learn more about our chefs by checking out what they are up to. While you're there, watch some videos, try out the latest recipes and check out our Wood-Fire Grilling section!

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Explore the Chef’s Kitchen section for recipes and everything you need to know about cooking seafood.

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Receive discounts and special offers when you join the Fresh Catch Club. And for the love of lobster, you will get a little more on your table for less. You'll also be entered in the Passion Prize drawing of the month. So you could win dinner for two. Or even fresh fish delivered to your door. And who doesn't want the ocean closer to home?

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