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Are you looking for easy to follow seafood recipes, clear instructions on how to select fresh fish, great menu ideas and a whole lot more at Red Lobster. Here's everything from the exotic to the sublime - including our impressive basil shrimp stuffed with zucchini and our tasty crab cakes. You can create the delicious dishes you've come to expect from Red Lobster at home. You simply can't beat these creative seafood recipes.

An innovative selection of seafood recipes.

With our instructional seafood recipes even the most timid chef can be a gourmet. Browse our tasty ideas for fluffed rock lobster, lobster de Jonghe, lobster pasta or mussels marinara. No matter your skill level, our seafood recipes can impress your family and friends.

The Culinary Center at Red Lobster is always experimenting with new ways to prepare seafood. From simple grilled fish to the most exotic sauces - we offer a great selection of seafood recipes for all types of cooks. And all of our recipes include a complete list of ingredients and easy to understand preparation instructions. Plus we provide important tips to guarantee that the fish you purchase is fresh and tasty. With Red Lobster's help, you can create a stunning meal, sure to impress those around the table.

Recipe Box

Dig into our Recipe Box for some hearty Shrimp or Lobster Bisque or how about a tasty Orange Rum Glazed Snapper.




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Get expert advice on making your seafood meals even more delicious and nutritious

We are always cooking up something new without ever forgetting the classics that our customers crave. We offer a wide selection of tried and true lobster recipes, guaranteed to delight any seafood lover. Try our simple and easy grilled lobster recipes with just basic ingredients and easy instructions. For the more daring cook, we offer De Jonghe, shrimp pasta and stuffed Maine lobster with crabmeat stuffing.

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