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Delicious restaurant recipes.

Impress your friends and family by preparing a meal they would expect to find served at Red Lobster. We've provided you with restaurant recipes developed by the master chef at the Red Lobster Culinary Center for lobster, shrimp, crab, salmon, sea bass, red snapper and more! You can use these restaurant recipes for basil shrimp stuffed with zucchini, Maryland crab cakes, Szechwan oriental shrimp and crunchy bacon crusted halibut to give your family and friends meals at home with extra flair.

Choose from a great selection of new tasty restaurant recipes.

Red Lobster restaurant recipes all include a list of ingredients, simple preparation instructions and original tips from our chef including what to serve alongside the food and which wines will go best with the meal. Give your loved ones a special treat with all the comforts of home.

In the mood for lobster and shell fish? Browse restaurant recipes for fluffed or grilled rock lobster, lobster de Jonghe, lobster pasta or mussels marinara.

At Red Lobster our chefs are always coming up with new and tasty food ideas. Take a look at some of our delicious seafood and lobster recipes such as snuggled salmon with blue crab meat and Borson cheese or shrimp canapés with celery and cucumbers.

Recipe Box

Looking for some fresh meal ideas? Dig into our Recipe Box for some hearty Shrimp Gumbo, Lobster Bisque or how about a tasty Orange Rum Glazed Snapper – everything you need to prepare a great meal is right here.




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Get expert advice on making your seafood meals even more delicious and nutritious

Our delicious restaurant recipes are easy to prepare, fun to eat, and totally unique. You can order fresh seafood, direct from the sea to your door, so you can prepare that special meal, or give it as a memorable gift for almost any occasion. Treat someone special wine and a candlelit dinner. Celebrate that birthday, anniversary, graduation, the deal that finally closed or other special moment in time. Make the celebration perfect with fresh seafood that reliably arrives on the day of your special occasion. Its ready to prepare and wonderfully yummy. A seafood dinner is sure to make any meal an event.

Your own seafood with a flair!

From simple preparation to elaborate presentation, we offer something for everyone - including beginning cooks as well as experienced chefs. We provide invaluable suggestions on how to buy fresh fish and seafood as well as how to cook live Maine lobster and crab legs.

Be sure to check out our Chef's Kitchen. There you will find tons of great cooking tips. Even more intriguing cooking tips can be found in our tips library.

An added suggestion. Try our hickory glazed salmon or swordfish with tomato basil relish. Better yet, order our live lobsters and lobster dinners online. Red Lobster is the restaurant renowned for seafood! What are you waiting for?

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Explore the Chef’s Kitchen section for recipes and everything you need to know about cooking seafood.

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