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Find your favorite Red Lobster recipes!

Do you need Red Lobster recipes for lobster tail? Are you in a serious search for delicious dinners you crave from Red Lobster? Here, you can find all of our famous Red Lobster recipes, instructions on how to prepare dinners at home, and the nearest restaurant location for when you're looking for a night out.

True Red Lobster recipes for fresh fish, side dishes and more.

With our helpful cooking tips and delicious Red lobster recipes, we are always at your service. Need help preparing a lobster bake? Our Chef's Kitchen includes helpful hints on how to determine if your seafood is fresh, how to cook it, and how to serve it in style.

Find a wide variety of crab recipes - including fresh soft shell crab recipes or prepare your crab bisque, salad, cakes or au gratin dishes. All crab recipes include important tips from our chefs such as wine recommendations and a complete listing of ingredients.

Other famous recipes are also available -- including unique fresh shellfish preparations including grilled, fluffed and De Jonghe. We provide tried and true preparations for shrimp, crab, fresh fish and side dishes! You love eating at our restaurants, why not try making the same delicious meals at home?

Recipe Box

Looking for some fresh meal ideas? Dig into our Recipe Box for some hearty Shrimp Gumbo, Lobster Bisque or how about a tasty Orange Rum Glazed Snapper – everything you need to prepare a great meal is right here.




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Explore the Chef’s Kitchen section for recipes and everything you need to know about cooking seafood.

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For over 30 years, we built our reputation on a concept of great food at reasonable prices. Today with a more extensive menu, our basic principles have still remained the same. Exceptional food, great service and a really good time.

Throughout this time, we continued to innovate, introducing much of the country to calamari, snow crab and hush puppies, not to mention inventing popcorn shrimp. Our menu changed, becoming broader and more upscale. Our architecture took on a new life, and plain boxes gave way to the new wharfside experience you see today.

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