Mahi Mahi

Try something different - Mahi Mahi!

Order tasty mahi mahi and discover the latest craze in seafood. Or go traditional with a steaming bowl of clam chowder, broiled bay scallops and a big piece of key lime pie.

Come to Red Lobster for the best seafood from grilled grouper with cool vegetable salsa to fresh seared mahi mahi! All the best seafood choices are at Red Lobster.

Now the choice is yours. Visit any of our 350 Red Lobster seafood restaurants, download one of our tasty mahi mahi recipes to prepare at home, or order one of our complete lobster dinners online. In addition, we provide buying guides on how to determine if the fish you purchase is fresh and instructions on how to properly prepare your mahi mahi, lobster and crab legs.

Exquisite mahi mahi dinners to enjoy.

At Red Lobster you can find great ideas for red snapper, catfish, sole, swordfish, salmon, sea bass, cod fish, flounder and halibut. Download a variety of recipes from grilled salmon to shrimp de Jonghe and impress your dinner party guests with our recipe for hibachi tuna teriyaki. Or try our snuggled salmon in filo dough with fresh lemon and orange juice.

Red Lobster - the online resource for seafood.

From Sea to Table

From Red Lobster restaurant menus to restaurant locations and prepaid gift cards and lobster recipes - you can find it here. Whether you want to find the nearest Red Lobster or need great recipes, you can find it all online at Red Lobster.

Give the gift of lobster. Easy to prepare, fun to eat, totally unique. Fresh live lobsters, direct from the sea, makes a memorable gift for almost any occasion. A favorite wine and a candlelit dinner. Celebrate that birthday, anniversary, graduation, the deal that finally closed or other special moment in time.

What should you bring to the party? Bring fresh seafood party platters. Few meals stimulate more sociability and enjoyment than preparing and cracking open fresh lobster. Lobster BBQ on the 4th of July or steamy boiled lobster for New Year's. Impress your host and thrill your friends. Fun for all seasons. Fresh from the sea to your table.

For over 30 years, we have built our reputation on a concept of great seafood at reasonable prices. Today with over 350 locations and a more extensive menu, our basic principles still remain the same. Our vision of great service has been fundamental to our success. Exceptional food, great service and a really good time.

Throughout this time, we continued to innovate, introducing much of the country to calamari, snow crab and hush puppies, not to mention inventing popcorn shrimp.

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