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Red Lobster has everything you need for exceptional lobster dinners. From fabulous restaurant seafood and lobster dinners, to overnight live lobster delivery, we want to be your one stop shop for all your seafood needs.

What more could the lobster lover ask for? Just click on the lobster dinner package of your choice. Whether you order a full lobster dinner or just the live lobster alone, all our delivery prices include insulated packaging and overnight shipping to guarantee you get the freshest and best lobster dinners.

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Live Lobster
Our hand-selected Maine lobsters are available in weights from 1.25 - 3 lbs. These tender, fresh lobsters are caught every morning and shipped overnight to your door. So you can always get a taste of Maine - even if you live in Kansas.
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Deluxe New England Lobster Bake
Each person receives a mouthwatering 1.25 pound Live Maine Lobster. This Deluxe Lobster Bake comes complete with fresh steamer clams or littlenecks (seasonal), one stuffed quahog per guest and clam chowder. Your seafood party also includes a reusable steamer pot, a placemat with instructions on how to eat lobster, claw crackers, picks and bibs.
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Deluxe Lobster Feast for Two
This deluxe feast includes two delicious 2 pound Maine Lobsters and 2 pounds of soft-shell steamer clams (5 to 10 clams per pound). Your feast also includes two stuffed quahogs and our famous Lobster Bisque and a reusable steamer pot.
Quantity : $149.00 ea.

The New England lobster bake is best answer to flying to Maine for a traditional seafood dinning experience. Each New England bake comes with a 1-1/4 pound live lobster, fresh steamer clams or littlenecks, a stuffed quahog and a delicious serving of Cape Cod clam chowder for each of your guests. In addition, all delivery packages include cooking instructions, a reusable steamer pot for cooking, a placemat with eating instructions, claw crackers, picks for getting every piece of meat and, of course, bibs to help you enjoy this New England culinary experience.

The ultimate in seafood dining!

Get the same experience at any of our 350 seafood restaurant locations in the United States and Canada and let someone else serve you. Every Red Lobster restaurant has a variety of outstanding feasts ranging from the simple to the sublime. Steamed, broiled or baked lobster represents the ultimate in seafood dining. From our fluffed rock tails to grilled and shrimp scampi - our Culinary Center is always creating innovative dining experiences for you.

Do you have a birthday to celebrate? Or an anniversary? Or is it just Wednesday? Whatever day it is, it's a great day to celebrate with a trip to Red Lobster. Go ahead. Indulge in all your seafood favorites, expertly prepared. After all, you deserve it!

Staying in tonight?

Feel like cooking up something different tonight? You can have fresh seafood delivered right to your door from our marketplace. Check out our Chef's Kitchen to find great recipes for your fresh seafood. Try a basic Shrimp Scampi dish or, for the more adventurous chef, Orange Rum Glazed Snapper. Dive into the Chef's Kitchen where you will find a tips library full of cooking tips, video collection as well as our new Wood-Fire Grilling section.

For over 30 years, we built our reputation on a concept of great seafood at reasonable prices. Today with over 350 restaurant locations and a more extensive menu, our basic principles have still remained the same. Exceptional seafood, great service and an even better time.

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