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Fresh lobster delivered directly to your door!

Order fresh lobster before 3:00 PM (EST) and we guarantee next day delivery! Your lobster is caught fresh, packed in an insulated container, and shipped overnight to your selected destination for preparation that day. You can serve one and a quarter pound to six pound fresh lobster beauties for dinner tomorrow night without a single worry. So you can always have a taste of Maine - even if you live in Kansas.

Our fresh lobsters are caught in the morning off the coast of Maine and Nova Scotia and shipped live from our dockside to your door. All you're responsible for is rounding up your friends - and stocking up on lobster bibs and napkins. In addition to fresh lobster, we also offer salmon fillets, sea scallops, and lean, meaty swordfish steaks if you're looking to vary your menu. It's easy to eat fresh seafood every week, even if there isn't a Red Lobster near you!

Quick, easy ordering for fresh lobster from Maine.

Live Lobster
Our hand-selected Maine lobsters are available in weights from 1.25 - 3 lbs. These tender, fresh lobsters are caught each morning and shipped overnight to your door. So it's easy to always have a taste of Maine - even if you live in Kansas.
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Live Lobster Feast
When you're ready for a party, we deliver. Choose from either 20 sweet, 1-pound live Maine lobsters, packed up and shipped with enough bibs and claw crackers for everyone, or eight mouthwatering 1.25-pound lobsters. Either way, there'll be enough tails and claws for everyone.
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It's never been easier to cook and serve a remarkable fresh fish and seafood gala. You're order is a simple click away! We'll make sure you have the finest brought right to your door. Our seafood bakes are brought to you live from Maine plus a complete assortment of plump steamer clams or Littlenecks, stuffed quahog, a reusable steamer pot, a placemat, instructions on how to eat our famous crustaceans, claw crackers, picks for getting the hard to get at places and bibs. Though whole lobsters are best simply boiled or broiled, the meat may be prepared in a variety of ways. Consult our Chef's Kitchen for valuable seafood recipes and cooking tips.

You can find some great tips in our Chef's Kitchen. Our tips library is full of excellent cooking pointers. While you're in the Chef's Kitchen take a peek at the Chef's Videos and learn from Red Lobster's executive chef's how to create fabulous seafood dishes. If you want to learn more about our chefs check out the chef profiles while you're there too!

Seafood from the first and still the finest.

We were the first to bring exceptional fresh seafood into neighborhoods across the country. And now you can enjoy our quality at home as well as at one of our warm, friendly restaurants. Either way, you'll enjoy large portions of tender, moist, and juicy fresh fish. Our new menus showcase unique dishes such as sesame ginger seared fish served over ripened Asian vegetables and noodles. If you enjoy seafood, we guarantee you will find something to excite your taste buds.

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