Colorado Seafood Restaurant

Discover the Taste of Freshness at a Premiere Colorado Seafood Restaurant

Red Lobster serves nothing but the freshest, most flavorful seafood right out of the ocean. Daily shipments from coastal docks bring only the best seafood catches right to the Red Lobster restaurant nearest you. With unique and inspired chef recipes, high quality service and extensive menus, Red Lobster has something that everyone will enjoy.

Not sure what to order? Check out Red Lobster’s online menus! Kids’ menus, lunch and dinner menus, specialty menus and Fresh Fish of the Day listings provide you with so many choices you’ll need to visit more than once! We even feature our exclusive LightHouse menu, filled with delicious meals low in calories, carbs and fats.

Use the find a restaurant form at the top right of the page to find the Colorado seafood restaurant closest to you. Print driving directions and head on over - bring the family, get the gang together or have a dinner for two!