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Fun Seafood Facts

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  • It takes four to seven years for an American lobster to grow to one pound. Lobsters can grow up to 45 pounds!
  • The lobster, which has remained relatively unchanged for nearly 100 million years, is one of the most interesting of all the creatures in the sea. It's built funny…the brain is in its throat, its nervous system is in its belly, it listens with its legs, it tastes with its feet, its teeth are in its stomach and its kidneys are in its head.
  • Lobster is high in protein, has about 200 calories per six-ounce serving and contains important vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium and zinc.
  • The real name of the Maine lobster is the American lobster. It's been nicknamed the Maine lobster because that is where most are caught in the United States.
  • According to the National Fisheries Institute, the average American eats more than 15 pounds of seafood each year, consuming about 4.2 pounds of shrimp.
  • Seafood consumption - along with other risk-lowering steps like quitting smoking, lowering blood cholesterol and exercising regularly — can help prevent cardiovascular disease.

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