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How to crack and eat a lobster

For the ultimate seafood experience, it’s tough to top the sweet flavor of a tender lobster meat. Here are some succulent suggestions from the experts at Red Lobster on easy ways on how to crack and eat lobster.

Step 1:

Where to begin? The claws, with lobster meat that is tender and flavorful, are the best place to start. After removing the two front claws, use a nutcracker to crack them open and a lobster fork to remove the meat.

Step 2:

The tail is the sweetest part. Turn the lobster on its back, holding the body with one hand and the tail with the other. Gently twist the tail to detach it. Remove the end flippers. Using a fork, you can then pull out the juicy meat.

Step 3:

There’s plenty of meat in the body. Flip the lobster over and unhinge the back by cracking it apart lengthwise and pull out the tasty middle with a pick. The greenish-gray tomalley in the body cavity is considered a delicacy (the sand sac near the top is not edible though).

Step 4:

The last step is enjoying the legs. This part is delicious and can be sucked out like a straw.

Whether you enjoy this delicacy “as is” or prefer dipping it into melted butter or a savory sauce, this deep-sea delight is a dining experience like no other. Plus, it's a low-calorie, low-fat source of protein: 3.5 ounces only has about 96 calories and less than 2 grams of fat.

Succulent and good for you? You can't say that about many foods can you?

Order live lobsters for delivery plus find recipes for preparing your scrumptious seafood delights - it's all here! For a restaurant nearest you, call 1-800-562-7837 or use our restaurant locator.

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