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Hourly Positions

Culinary Positions

Work in the Heart of the House

Alley Coordinator
Keep it all in check. Review and garnish plates from the cooking line and ensure all food is correct, cooked properly and ready to eat. Also make sure the food is the right temperature, looks as delicious as it tastes and is quickly delivered to our guests.

Put your inner artist to work on our plates. Arrange food according to presentation guidelines and quality standards.

Maintain the motion in the kitchen. Stock the alley and line with items needed for line cooks to complete orders on time with no delays.

Bake the fresh Cheddar Bay biscuits that greet everyone immediately upon their arrival. It's a big part of why they keep coming back.

Line Cook
Keep every tasty bite cooking. Broil, grill, fry and steam food items to order for our guests.

Every little bite counts. Select portions, bread and prepare food items necessary for line cooks and alley, including seafood, chicken, beef, salads, vegetables, sandwiches, pies and cakes.

Maintain the environment customers trust. Clean, maintain and sanitize all areas of the front-of-house and kitchen to ensure guests have a spotless, safe place to eat. Also clean grounds.

Guest Service Positions

Serve Your Best to Our Guests

Keep the drinks and the conversation flowing. Mix and garnish beverages and serve wine. Keep the bar stocked and clean while always providing the best possible service to guests and servers.

Make every single soul feel welcome at the door. Greet and seat guests and always invite them back.

Service Assistant
Greet each guest with eye contact and a smile and maintain the cleanliness of the dining area. Genuinely interact with guests during appetizer and entrée delivery. Answer questions and fulfill guests' requests.

Greet guests at their tables, keeping them comfortable. Provide efficient service by guiding guests through menus, suggestively selling drinks, appetizers, entrees and desserts.

Red Lobster is proud to be a leader in recognizing the value that diversity offers throughout the restaurant industry.

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*The above descriptions are not a complete listing of every function, but instead are intended to outline the types of positions available.
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