Lobster Hash Browns


4 cups (2pounds) Shredded Potatoes
½ cup Diced Raw Bacon
¼ cup Diced Sweet Onions
¼ cup Diced Red Peppers
½ cup Chopped Cooked Lobster Meat
1 tbsp Butter
To taste Salt and Pepper

1.   If using raw shredded potatoes, rinse in cold water, until water runs clear, or allow to soak in water for four to six hours. If using frozen shredded potatoes, allow to thaw, and place in strainer and remove as much liquid as possible. Using fresh potatoes will give you a better end result.
2.   In a large heavy skillet over medium high heat, add bacon, and cook for three to four minutes, stirring constantly and not allowing to get too crispy. Remove bacon from pan, and place on paper towel, allow to drain and save for later
3.   Add Onions and Peppers to drippings from bacon, and cook until Onions are slightly translucent. Add Lobster Meat and cook another two to three minutes.
4.   Reduce heat to medium, add butter to pan with vegetables and lobster. Once butter is completely melted, add potatoes and bacon. Mix all ingredients until incorporated well, then allow potatoes to cook until golden brown on bottom.
5.   Using a spatula, very carefully make sure potatoes are loosened from the pan, and flip potatoes over, to finish browning. Season with salt and pepper serve hot

You can substitute any seafood you like, cooked shrimp, crab, or a combination. Always make sure you remove as much liquid as possible from the seafood. You can also substitute diced cooked potatoes for the shredded and make a “home fries” version of this dish. It is a great way to use left over baked potatoes!